Get Involved

The planning teams to prepare for the opening of the Mashouf Wellness Center are dedicated to seeking student and non-student input and involvement in the process. The Associated Students has set up a Mashouf Wellness Center Advisory Assembly and eight Sub-Assemblies with students and non-students appointed to serve in advisory capacities. All Assembly and Sub-Assembly meetings are open meetings that anyone can attend and participate in to give input.

The Sub-Assemblies are:

  • Business & Finance Sub-Assembly
  • Risk Management Policies Sub-Assembly
  • Standard Operating Procedures Sub-Assembly
  • Programming Model Sub-Assembly
  • Personnel Actions Sub-Assembly
  • Construction Team Sub-Assembly
  • Marketing & Education Sub-Assembly

Mashouf Wellness Center Advisory Assembly and Accompanying Sub-Assemblies Document

Advisory Assembly and Sub-Assemblies Membership Rosters (Coming soon)

Advisory Assembly and Sub-Assemblies Meeting Schedule (Updated 06/09/17)

Past agendas and minutes for all Mashouf Wellness Center Advisory Assembly and Sub-Assembly Meetings are on file at the Campus Recreation Office, SSB 206.

For more information about the Mashouf Wellness Center and to find out more about how to get involved, contact: