Chomp with a Gator

Did you know students can take advantage of lunch hours by meeting with faculty and staff for a FREE meal?

The Dean of Students Office launched the Chomp with a Gator Program in spring 2020 to connect students with SF State faculty or staff members through a FREE lunch (Mondays-Fridays, 11-2pm) at City Eats, thanks to a special collaboration with SF State's Dining Services.

It's a chance for students to learn more about the SF State community, to ask questions, and to network with faculty and staff across campus!  We are certain you will find it FULL-filling (pun intended)!

How does the program work for students?

  • First, you choose a faculty or staff member to invite to lunch and arrange a week day and time to Chomp with a Gator!
  • Sign up to Chomp with a Gator by completing this online form.

  • You will need to pick up and return your Chomp with a Gator lunch passes in the Dean of Students Office located in Student Services Building (SSB) 403. When you come to pick up your passes, you will need to bring a photo ID (driver’s license or student ID).
  • Stop by the Dean of Students Office the day prior or the day of the lunch to pick up your lunch passes.
  • Enjoy your free lunch (up to the cost of one meal) at City Eats. Passes may only be used once per Chomp with a Gator participation.
  • Passes must be returned no later than the day following the lunch date, but ideally on the same day as the scheduled lunch.
  • Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to participate.
  • Students may participate up to two times per semester and must invite a different faculty or staff member each time.
  • Lastly and as a strong reminder, students are highly encouraged to first communicate with the faculty or staff member and schedule the week day and time for lunch PRIOR to filling out the Chomp with a Gator form.

Dates & Availability

  • Chomp with a Gator lunch passes are available every week day the university is open during the fall and spring semesters.
  • There are a limited number of passes available per day, and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Passes are not available during the summer.