Housing Resources for SF State Students

As we return to campus, we know many of you are figuring out where and how to find a place to live in the Bay Area. Here are a few pages that might help you.


On-campus Housing

Applications for Fall 2022 have opened. Visit the University Housing page for more information.


Off-campus Housing

Students at SF State choose to live in many places throughout our diverse Bay Area region. Factors to consider are the costs of rent, transportation, weather, and other factors. Here are two helpful resource pages.

University Housing’s Off-Campus Housing Resources includes neighborhood information, free roommate finding services, and more.

Basic Needs Renting Resources includes popular Facebook groups for finding rooms and apartments, Student Renters Guide (especially geared towards those looking for their first rental), and more.


Other Helpful Resources

Want to know where our campus population lives and commutes in from? Please visit p. 10 of the SF State 2018 Transportation Survey to see the top 4 counties in which students and employees live, and how they commute to campus.