HOPE Fund Crisis Loan

At SF State, students from all walks of life strive to obtain academic success. A crisis such as sexual/domestic violence, unfair eviction, theft, fire, serious illness, or a serious accident, can derail hope and leave a student in a critical situation.

To help students manage such a crises, SF State has established the SF State HOPE Fund (HOPE = Help, Opportunity & Pathway to Empowerment), a fund that assists students with financial support when they need it most. This fund supports students who are undergoing a crisis that leaves them in a situation that is beyond their control. Receiving help from the HOPE Fund could be the deciding factor that allows a student to stay on track to graduation. Students who receive assistance will realize that they’re not alone, that someone cares. 

Although the HOPE Fund Loan is expected to be paid back prior to graduation, no interest or fees will be assessed if the student is unable to pay the loan back until after graduation.

Special consideration will be given to upper division undergraduate students. Funds can be used to cover educational expenses, including but not limited to tuition/fees/books/supplies, as well as a medical treatment not covered by insurance. 


Students who meet the following criteria will be considered:

  • Can provide documentation regarding the crisis situation
  • Have worked with Financial Aid to increase their award prior to HOPE Fund Loan application
  • Have explored personal loans prior to submitting a HOPE Fund Loan application
  • Are enrolled (full or part time) at the time of loan application and in good academic standing
  • If applying between semesters, have been enrolled during the previous term and are enrolled the following term.


Once your application is received, if you meet the criteria, you will receive instructions on next steps.

For more information, contact Melissa Landeros, Administrative Analyst to the Interim Associate Vice President & Dean of Students at mvl289@sfsu.edu or (415) 338-3888