Winter 2020-21 COVID-19 Resources

As we approach the end of the term and the holiday season, the uncertainties of the current pandemic are still at the forefront of our minds and should be taken with care and reflection when considering travel plans. 

Our time with friends, family, and loved ones is essential but should be taken with serious caution. Carefully review the current stay in place order for the State of California. We encourage all students to seriously consider whether any travel is necessary. If anyone chooses to travel, please take precautions and follow CDC and public health recommendations. To best do this, we have some facts and best practices to keep in mind. 


Winter Break Travel Guidance 

Carefully review the state and county public health restrictions related to COVID-19 and the stay in place order. Communicate and establish expectations between you and any housemates before anyone leaves. Having an open and sincere conversation about travel plans and how they may impact others is essential.

Some things to consider: 

  • How do individuals plan on traveling during the break?
  • What is the COVID culture at your destination, or as you travel to your destination? Will you need to quarantine? How limited are the flights/buses/trains?
  • What will interaction with family and friends look like? Do you have any immune-compromised friends/parents/siblings

Preparing for Travel

  • Consider if the travel is essential or necessary.
  • Education yourself to the facts and risks involved.
  • Before traveling, ask what potential exposure to new people will be like and what the culture of COVID is like at your destination.
  • Let those with whom you will be socializing know what your exposure has been.
  • Are they familiar with your germ bubble members? Are you able to describe to them the precautions you’ve been taking these last three months?

Below are helpful links to be informed regarding traveling during the pandemic:

Know Your Status with COVID-19

San Francisco and the state of California provide numerous testing locations. Most testing locations request that you schedule an appointment at least two weeks out. Consider getting tested before leaving and minimizing any high exposure situations from the time leading up to your test to the time you arrive at your destination.

Staying Safe for Everyone: Visiting with Family & Friends

The CDC provides straightforward guidance that will keep you and your family safe during the holiday.



Two Week Quarantine Recommendations

San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) strongly recommends students should quarantine for two weeks if they have engaged in high-risk activity as outlined in travel advisories.

Returning After-Traveling 

What are your expectations and plans for isolating when you return from visiting?

How do you plan to communicate with your housemates, social-bubble members, and the University if you think you may have been exposed while traveling?

Wear A Mask

The CDC recommends that everyone wear a facemask/face covering when in public and in any type of gathering. Here is a helpful links in understanding how facemask/face coverings help slow the spread of COVID-19:


Ask for Help & Please Stay Tuned

Again, your efforts help keep those in our community (and their family and friends) healthy. It takes a community, and we pride ourselves on living in a city with a high commitment to health and care for one another.  During this rapidly changing time, it will be important to regularly check the SF State Campus Plan and formal emails from the University relating to the pandemic. For example, unique messages may be emailed to students enrolled in on-campus classes or who are living on-campus. Be sure to stay tuned by checking and reading campus messages carefully.


Please let us know if you have any questions or need any support. 

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