Requests for housing and residential parking permit refunds are now being accepted. If you need to request a housing/residential parking permit refund, visit the Housing Fees Adjustment/Refund Notice for further details or send questions to


Requests for parking refunds are now being accepted. If you need to request a parking refund for Lot 20/25 permits, find details at the Parking/Housing Refunds  web page, fill out an online refund request form or contact

Course Materials Fees

Course materials fees are particular fees that support the cost of materials for specific courses. Students registered for these particular courses are required to pay these fees. Students who paid course materials fees will be refunded a prorated amount of these fees. Completion of these refunds is expected by the end of April. No action is necessary by students to receive this refund.

Graduation Fee

Graduating students pay a $100 graduation fee, of which $20 pays for the processing of diplomas and the remainder supports in part the costs of Commencement. Refunds of $60 of the original graduation application fee are being processed and sent as the University will not be able to hold an in-person Commencement in 2020. The remainder of the fee continues to cover the cost of processing diplomas and to partially cover the cost of a virtual Commencement. In the event the University reschedules an in-person ceremony in 2021, as is likely, a fee to cover event costs will be implemented, not to exceed $60 per participating graduating student. No action is necessary by students to receive this refund.

Tuition and Mandatory Fees

Tuition and mandatory fees, including graduate and professional program fees, are used to support the cost of instruction and the services and departments that support students and the University. These cover only a fraction of the cost of attendance as the rest (more than 50%) is supported by the state and state revenues. Tuition and mandatory fees will not be refunded. SF State classes remain in session for the spring 2020 term. We are making every effort to ensure that students are able to complete all their coursework remotely. Critical academic services such as advising and tutoring are being offered remotely, as well. Our goal is to ensure that all students continue to make progress toward their degrees.

Mandatory student fees are not user fees. They are considered part of the cost of attendance. Their assessment is not dependent on any one student’s use of fee-subsidized services and programs, but rather they are assessed based on an understanding that the related services enrich the student experience, help the University meet key goals and generally create an environment conducive to the University’s pursuit of its mission. Mandatory fees, for instance, fund Student Health Services and recreational and wellness services, vital services that continue to be provided remotely for students who choose to use them.

How Refunds are Processed

Appropriate refunds are applied to a student’s financial account with the University. If the student owes an outstanding balance with the University, the refund is applied to that balance. Any remaining credits will be refunded either through direct deposit or a mailed paper check.