SF State Student Death Support Services

The death of a student is a heartfelt event for the family and friends of the deceased and for the University community. The Dean of Students Office assists parents, family members, and friends during this time, including notification of university staff and offices, organizing grief counseling for student peers, and providing other campus-related resources (please see below).

Please contact us at Student Services Building Suite 403 or (415) 338-3888 to inform us of a student death. Information that you will be asked to provide includes:

  • Student's full name
  • Student SF State identification number
  • Name and contact information of parents or spouse
  • Date and cause of death
  • College and/or major
  • Enrollment status
  • Residence (on or off campus)
  • Name and contact information of student friends

A staff member will be identified by the Dean of Students Office to make direct contact with the family and serve as the University liaison to assist the family. The names of the student’s friends (if known) should also be given to the Dean of Students for the purpose of outreach to those affected by their friend and fellow student.

Once notified, the Dean of Students Office coordinates a variety of services for the family and friends including:

Condolence to Family

The Dean of Students will send a letter of condolence on behalf of the University community and will provide information regarding support offered and available to them by the University. When possible, a University representative will attend funeral services.


University Department Notification

The Dean of Students Office will notify the student's faculty members and the appropriate University offices that will process and close the student's University records. The Dean of Students Office will also work with the family regarding any potential refunds on tuition and housing (if applicable).


Counseling for SF State Student Peers

The Dean of Students Office will work closely with Counseling and Psychological Services to provide both group and individual counseling sessions for members of the SF State community impacted by the death.


Campus Vigil

At the request of the family and/or friends of the student, the Dean of Student office will work with them to coordinate a vigil on campus.


Request for Certificate of Enrollment

The family may request a certificate demonstrating their student’s enrollment at SF State. The certificate includes the student’s name, years or enrollment, major, and also activities of involvement at SF State. Starting Summer 2014, SF State also provides the option to award a posthumous baccalaureate degree, if the deceased student meets all criteria. The applicable policy can be found under Posthumous Baccalaureate Degree.